Corporate Strategy

The process of strategic planning is a mile-stone in a firm's entire development process. The strategic planning process assists the organization in determining its general direction.

There are many other strategic decisions to be made, which stem from this central question. Mitzuv provides guidance during this process, until strategic decisions are made. However, since the process of strategic planning is on-going, Mitzuv also provides the firm's management with the tools and methods needed to perform such tasks in the future, allowing it to improve and update the strategic plan.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is part of the strategic planning process. However, it emphasizes the relationship between the firm and its environment. The main goal of the marketing strategy is to create differentiation and to achieve a competitive advantage. The manner with which to accomplish this is to introduce innovations into the market. Mitzuv has developed a unique model which distinguishes between "sustaining innovations" and "disruptive innovations", as well as between direct and indirect ways of dealing with competition

Identification of Growth Drivers

Mitzuv assists firms in identifying, testing and evaluating growth drivers in order to increase incomes. We examine several directions which can constitute a source of income. Following the examination of each of the potential new sources of income, they are prioritized, and a course of action that will bring the best results is determined.